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Welcome To
Owl Energy Technologies Inc
Motor Control Division

We Teach Your AC Motors To Use
Less Electricity and Save You Money!

Our "Intelligent Motor Controllers"
Provide Variable Voltage Drive (VVD) Capabilities!

For Alternating Current (AC) Motors,
Three Phase 50 or 60 Hz
Commercial and Industrial Power Company Customers

About AC Motors Problems with motors – Running

"As Motor Loads often vary, many of your motors
Run at less than 50% of their capacity
Motors are not 'Intelligent'.

In off-load parts of their duty cycle, they consume
Much more electricity than they actually need.
This excess consumption adds unnecessary
Costs on your energy bill.

This excess energy is released through the windings
of the motor in the form of heat, vibration
and noise and causes wear and tear on your motors"



Are You Still Using Obsolete Alternating Current (AC) Motors? Motors that are costing you money?


Press Release:
Owl Energy Technologies:
The Fixed Speed AC Motor Is Obsolete Dec 2014.

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Application Brief: Introducing Intelligent Motor Control Dec 2014
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VFD VSD compared to Intelligent Motor Controllers with Variable Voltage Drive VVD Dec 2014
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Introducing Intelligent Motor Control 2014 for Alternating Current (AC) Motors

Please, View Our Presentation and Demonstration

Notice the Dynamic Adjustments To Load Changes

The graph below shows the results of a Baldor Motor
With our Intelligent Motor Controller
At 60HZ in the U.S.
And Metrel M2092 Power Analyzer / Power Meter
Running an application device with varying load.

The Red lines show operation without energy optimization
The Green lines show operation with energy optimization

The motor controller has no programs for application specific devices.

The changes shown below are the results of dynamic adjustments
of the actual load and the motor perceived load by the motor controller

The electricity savings represented by the above graph are 17%
If this motor controller was moved to a compressor,
Plastic injection molding machine, press, etc.
The graphs would match the cycles for each device
With energy savings as shown above.

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Intelligent Motor Control Introduction Demonstration here.
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As Our Presentations and Demonstrations Show:
"Intelligent Motor Control"

  Can Help you lower A/C Motor energy usage and save you money;
    Lower monies spent for Power Company Demand Charges;
    Extend Motor life and that of attached equipment as belts on conveyors

Clearly, the Fixed Speed AC motor is obsolete:
Without our Intelligent Motor Controllers!

"Intelligent Motor Control"
With Variable Voltage Drive
(VVD) Capabilities,
Available Now!

Owl Energy Technologies
"Intelligent Motor Control"
Solutions via Fairford Electronics
"Energy optimizing Soft Starters"

Three Phase: 50/60 HZ; up to 1,400 HP

Three Phase "Energy Optimizers with Soft Start'

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2) The motor(s) and or business applications of interest to you.

We will respond and discuss with you how we can
Help you reduce your motors' energy usage and related costs.